Friday, May 23, 2008


For those of you who are not of the text messaging era OMFG stands for "Oh My Fucking God". not to be confused with OMFUG which is an acronym for "OTHER MUSIC FOR UPLIFTING
GORMANDIZERS" used by the late great NYC club CBGB's which itself is an acronym for "Country Bluegrass Blues" kind of funny because CBGB's specialized in Punk Rock.

Anyway... OMFG!!!

Those who know me well, I'm assuming that's anyone bothering to read this blog, you know that I detest this simple minded, lazy ass, self praising, blackberry generation. Well here's the thing that's got my goat today.

Last night I'm watching television and I mistakenly forgot to fast forward the advertisements and was subjected to seeing some little snotty ass girl band talking about how "When I come home from a long hard tour, the last one was twenty three days..."

STOP THE PRESSES! What? A long hard tour that's 23 days? Give me a fucking break!!! That's a three week vacation. Talk to Led Zeppelin who would do a tour for 23 months! That's a tour. You know what this sissy excuse for a musician would do after her "long hard tour"?

"I get into my Sleep Member bed and think how good it is to be home!"

This is why today's music SUCKS!!! Well most of it anyway...


Blogger Bug said...

totally, totally (pronounced "toad-uh-leh")

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