Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yay! I'm so excited!

Finally the Barfly is getting hate mail!

"I must confess that I was taken aback by Adam Gazzola’s piece critiquing Club 21 in the February Pulp. Although the article started off with an honest assessment of the club’s poor customer service and high liquor prices (both great things to point out to interested readers), I was disgusted by what I read on his assessment of the dancers’ physical appearances. His misogynistic ramblings about the lack of “T&A” (his words, not mine) prove to be more rude and disrespectful to the dancers than the gruff male spectators he mentions in his article. Gazzola points this out by saying that the “yummy goodness” that should have been in the dancers’ “T&A” ended up in their stomachs, thus inferring that they were too fat for his taste. Furthermore, Gazzola assumes that he is far too attractive for any of the dances because although “there are a couple of cute girls,” he wouldn’t ever stoop so low as to get a lap dance from any of them.

I have never stepped foot inside of a strip club because objectifying men and women ain’t my thing, but I don’t judge the people who visit strip clubs or the men and women who choose to work there. I do, however, judge men who publically berate women on their weight and physical appearance. It’s rude, vulgar and misogynistic. Gazzola should consider writing more about the business side of local watering holes instead of forcing us to read his personal thoughts on what he finds attractive in a female body.

I think Gazzola is probably one of those dudes who would be better off sitting at home with a six-pack and watching porn with some women with silicone-injected T&A than going to a small-town strip club."

Yeah... What ev!


Blogger Bug said...

A well written hate letter nonetheless. Congratulations, btw. You've finally made it.

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