Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sometimes life is good...

And sometimes it's ridiculously frikking AWESOME!!! Nipsy and I just returned from a great vaction up in Maine, where apparently we broke our curse of bringing rain with us where ever we go. Perhaps it's not that, maybe it's we bring antiusual weather to where ever we travel. For those who dont know the coast of Maine is renowned for it's fog, cold and wet weather. This was not the case. We had a beautiful, warm (days) bright sunny vacation. It rained on the way up an the way home. Oh and ONE evening just enough so I could capture a beautiful image of a double rainbow (photo coming soon)...

Anyway back to the REAL story.

We get home from this wonderful vacation and in my first day at home I discover that my computer, my business, my life appears to be in ITS final throes of death. I don't think I could've been more depressed as I'm trying to work through constant "fatal" crashes, freezes and neverending beachballs! I would click on something in my finder, not double click mind you, just touch it and I'd get the spinny wheel long enough to make coffee, take a shower and shave. Very sad!

The very next day a model comes to my house to pick up a cd of a shoot that we did, while sitting at the computer waitin (and hoping for) the completion of her cd I show her some of the web design stuff I'm currently working on. She loved it, hired me to do her site, paid me a HUGE cash deposit which has now magically transformed itself into a MacBook 2ghz 2GBram!!! Can I just say... HOLY CRAP this computer ROCKS! I'm doing like a thousand thigs at once, surfing the web, working in photoshop, downloading HUGE files, listening to streaming music on iTunes and I have not seen one beachball!!! There has been no freezing, crashing or anything of the ilk. I feel like I just won the academy award for most deserving of a great computer.

So I would like to thank Nipsy for her undying love and support, I'd like to thank Gizel for her money, I'd like to thank Steve Jobs for being the most awesomest computer dude ever, I'd like to thank my Mom for all her photo tips, Some other dude who wouldn't help me with Flash so I had to learn it on my own, Bug and Steel for always teasing me with their really cool computers and last but not least I would like to thank the determination that is permanently engraved into my soul for pushing me to do great things even on a crappy computer.

No need for applause, I'm imagining that the rain outside is the cheering audience!


Anonymous Catnip said...

I'm glad I was a part of the excellent vacation and the happy day new computer story! Now, that awesome rainbow picture really does belong here! Get to it on your fancy-pants new computer! xo

11:34 AM  
Blogger Bug said...

Glad we could help. Anytime you need someone to give you some shit, we're here. xoxoxo

12:33 PM  

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