Friday, July 14, 2006

I believe they can fly...

My friends ALWAYS make fun of me as I am an undying, non-doubting Knicks fan for life. I've been told that I get so excited during games that most people would confuse me for a player.

Last year was hard to endure. With the Knicks having the second worse record in the league my fan dedication was the object of constant ridicule. I still watched every game until the end. As sad as the record was I still liked the excitement that the new look Knicks brought to the floor. Everyone tells me that the Knicks are doomed for the next 8 years.

I believe they are destined for greatness.

I love watching the intensity that the rookies bring to the court every night. It's amazing to see the creativity, the quickness and the passing of Nate Robinson. This kid's 5'9" and wins the slam dunk competition in his rookie year. Needless to say he's got hops as well. He reads the court well and has grown and improved his game. Nate is pure energy and fun to watch. Something the Knicks haven't had in decades.

One 5'9" rookie does not make a team. The Knicks have an incredible roster speedy youngsters, savy high scoring veterans and fast, strong big men with great ball handle. They can give ANY team in the NBA a run for their money. Doubt me? Let's see what happens this season when this fan has the last laugh. I think that last year the Knicks were not coached properly. There was too much confusion about every players role in the system. This year will be an entirely different situation as I know that Isaah Thomas will be able to focus and gel the team while letting the new stars shine brightly.

I believe they can fly...


Anonymous Catnip said...

I hope you're right. Sure would be nice to see for once in a blue moon....And it's hard not to love Nate.

12:25 AM  

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