Saturday, November 17, 2007


Thank you George W. Bush for ruining our nations economy, image and credibility. Thank you for a war that has our military spread so thin that our nations security is at risk. Thank you also for making us part of a war that none of us believes in or wants to be part of. Thank you for spying on your own country. Thank you Hillary, Obama, Rudolph and the rest of our illustrious 2008 Presidential candidates for offering us no hope of change. Thank you NBA officiating for ruining my favorite sport. Thank you spoiled brat, over paid, steroid filled, egotistical athletes and your agents for ruining the rest of pro sports. Thank you broadcast television for "High Definition" advertising on the bottom third of the screen because I would much rather see a Tampax commercial than the score of my game or the details of a show I'm watching. Thank you greed for taking the art out of artist. Thank you Garage Band for making anyone with a Mac thhink they are a musician, we all haven't heard enough prepackaged, sterile music. Thank you MySpace and YouTube destroying our culture and turning society in to a nation couch potatoes who's only connection to the other couch potatoes is through camera phones and text messaging. Thank you text messaging for reducing communications down to brb and lol and making people unable to communicate with spoken words. Thank you Zwinky for giving us the ability to hide behind cartoon characters that we encourage others to think are representative of our looks. Thank you welfare for making it possible for couch potatoes to have high definition televisions, computers and cell phones without the inconvenience of a job.

Isn't America great?


Anonymous flint said...

happy thanksgiving

12:12 PM  
Anonymous America said...

Yes, I am, thank you for asking.

3:17 PM  
Anonymous Catnip said...

America: as good as it gets, and still a mess.

2:15 PM  

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