Saturday, December 01, 2007

Small Battles BIG Victories!

Upon learning from Grampie that Belle had refused any dinner the following ensued...

Ego - "Belle... Don't you want some dinner?"
Belle - "I'm not hungry! Plus I don't like any of the food that's here!"
Ego - "You don't like the yummy chicken divan that Auntie made?"
Belle - "No... It's yucky!"
Ego - "Did you ever try it?"
Belle - "Yes, and it's yucky!"
Ego - "Okay... Would you like a glass of water?"
Belle - "Yes please."

Ego then goes into the kitchen to fetch the water and to heat up some divan for himself. A short while later Ego calls Belle into the kitchen.

Ego - "Belle! Come into the kitchen for a second..."
Belle - "Yes?"
Ego - " Here's your water, why don't you come sit with me while I have my dinner?"
Belle - "That smells yummy! I'm sorry... could I have some?"
Ego - "That's why I brought this extra fork!"

The two then sat and enjoyed Aunties yummy divan with wreckless abandon! They then watched a movie and upon the movies completion Belle was tucked in to bed happy as a clam!


Anonymous Catnip said...

It's good to know that life goes on happily and crises are averted without Auntie's watchful eye around all the time!

2:55 AM  
Anonymous Bertie's Favorite Auntie said...

That's awesome. The last time I had chicken divan, mom made it. And I lived at home. I didn't know people still mix mayonnaise into meat and call it food. Glad you got the girl to eat something at least.

11:40 PM  

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