Saturday, August 23, 2008

That does it!

I swear to Jebus that I am going to kill every last one of you Mudda Fuggahs!!! I'm tired of this shit! You just buzz around with your little yellow and black outfits thinking you are soooooooo cool.

Well I've got some news for you! I'm done with you zipping around my face first thing in the morning while I'm trying to sleep. I will no longer tolerate getting stung in bed. There will be no more fly bys or dive bombs while I'm trying to enjoy a cigarette or watch some television. As well, having to shake you out of my clothing will no longer be tolerated.

As of now I am declaring all out war! I'm taking the battle to you. ! am on the offensive this time. I will seek you out where you live and destroy you all! I will utilize all of my armed forces tactical training and devise a plan to wipe you and your family out. I have a one track mind and will stop at nothing to achieve my goal. Barricades, chemical warfare and hand to hand combat. You will ALL die.

This ain't rock and roll... This is genocide!!!

Meet the enemy!

The solution! This is a funny review.


Anonymous A Carthaginian said...

A scorched earth campaign. How delightful.

4:43 PM  

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