Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Can't we ALL just get along?

White? Black? Yellow? Red? Do we need to mix in a few Blues and Greens before we can start realizing that we're all PEOPLE!?!? Granted people SUCK! We destroy the Earth, our only place to live, our only place to get the nutrients we need to survive... Basically the only frikkin place we've got! Can we please have an Alien Invasion, War of the Worlds, Armeggedon type event to wake us the fuck up??? Not that I wanna be buddies with Osama types but maybe everyones losing focus on what real. Are we such a petty race that "Money (really) changes everything"? Sometimes I want to build that Ark, turn my head towards the Heavens and scream... LET IT RAIN!!!

BTW... Were still waiting on those donations over here!


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