Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dancing With The Fakes!

Once again, you leave a decision to a public text messaging vote and it gets all fucked up. I think that the funniest thing about this story is that I was actually watching the Dancing With The Stars season finale. What's sad is that people in America just cant vote for the right thing can they? It's bad enough that Bush is president but now American voters have completely mucked a really important socially meaningful reality based television series! Why one would chose a lame saccharine coated Mickey Mouse club mutant over someone with REAL talent, who performed flawlessly with an ankle injury, is beyond my tiny scope of understanding. No wait... I get it! It's a bunch of fuckin IDIOTS voting!

New Rule: Not everyone will be allowed to vote anymore. I think there should be a test for potential voters, something like the LVATs. That'd be cool right? I know I'll catch heat for revolking this basic American right but if your asked what's 2 + 2 and answer "yellow" YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE!

Footnote: Drew Lachey does not ballroom dance, He does some kinda "gay" broadway dance routine thing... I could see him in "Rent".


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You're an asshole.

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