Friday, September 15, 2006

Do you know who Randy Glass is?

I know that some of you think I just sit here spinning all kinds of wild conspiracy theories, making our President out to be some evil succubus of Satan determined on destroying all that is good. Though I may actually believe that, I would never ask you to. I only ask that you believe the truth and not the "truthiness" (thank you Stephen) of the Bush administration.

Those of you who may have heard of Randy Glass (no he's not the singer of "Short People" that's Randy Newman) already have a keen insight into the incredible level of corruption that lies within our government. I have learned alot about the scarey truth of the events leading to 9-11 and the dispicable cover up that followed the event in an incredibly poignant film called "9-11 Press for the Truth". Bug and Riley your copies are on the way and next time I see lil Sis and Muddah they get one too. Anyway, this film is not a discussion of theories but rather a cold hard look at the TRUE ineptitude of our government and some scarey FACTS that could lead one to believe some of the crazy conspiracy theories out there.

I realize that some may prefer not to think about these things and feel perfectly safe in their suburban homes. The thing of it is, this Presidents actions affects ALL Americans and our allies as well. The UnHoly Trinity of Bush, Dick and Cuntaleeza (Forgive me I just HAD to) could may well bring the destruction of the United States as we know it. It most certainly has already begun.

Knowledge is power! PLEASE learn about these corrupt pieces of feces and help put a stop to madness that will condemn us all! The Bush Dynasty has been involved in dirty business for far too long.

IMPEACH GOERGE W. BUSH immediatly before he's able to get away with MURDER!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The year following discoveries out of a flood,
Two leaders elected, the first one will not hold:
For one of them refuge from fleeing a shadow,
Plundered [will be] the house which [the] first will maintain.
-Nostradamus, Century 9, Quatrain 4

8:40 PM  

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