Saturday, September 16, 2006

Snug as a Bug...

Yeah I used to feel safe too. That before I had to smell the stench of the aftermath of 9-11 for 2 weeks. That was before I saw the countless airings of how America was so devastatingly attacked with surgical precision. That was before I had a chance to walk around the wreckage of ground zero on 9-13 with my cop friend who had lost 10 of his precinct buddies in the event. My friend who had he not missed his train from Long Island into NYC by a few minutes may have shared his buddies fate. That was before I really started understanding how much other countries REALLY HATE the United States. Before I knew that a nuclear device the size of a thermos could level a 30 block radius and turn a 30 mile radius into a radioactive toxic zone. That was before I realized that my governmaent failed me. Not only had they failed me but may have had the knowledge to prevent this event and not taken action. Perhaps worse yet... May have not only provoked it but unwittingly helped to finance and execute it. So please forgive me if I dont share the same enthusiatic fear of wolly mammoths and Ted Williams but I FEAR that I have far more sinister evils to contemplate.

The love of my life walks past the mass grave that is ground zero, still just a gaping wound of a hole in the ground with none of the promised memorials, she walks past there 10 TIMES A WEEK to and from work. Everyday a non-eventful walk. But everytime it's the anniversary of 9-11 and the Weaze want's to show up, say a few uninspiring words and Nips has to be in the same "hood" I sit there ALL DAY shaking, sweating and praying... Please don't let anything stupid happen today! Because you just don't know.

Why don't we know? Because we're not paying attention! Because we don't recognize the signs. Because we believe that nothing bad could ever happen to us. Believe me, this could happen anywhere, anytime. All I'm trying to do is educate myself and those I love so we can better understand why this happened, how this happened and how we can prevent it from ever happening again.

George W. Bush may be an idiot puppet being used as a pawn by other evil men but I truely believe he is aware of his actions and their consequences and should be held accountable.

p.s. Yes i would love to and am trying to move myself and Nipsy out of such a high risk target zone but that is not the solution. Not to say we WON'T move because surely our hearts lead us elsewhere but inaction, ignorance, hiding ones head in the sand from the truth is what I feel brought on 9-11, the bogus war in Iraq, the poor economy, the unemployment ratio, the high cost of gas, rent, insurance, food, medication, rolling blackouts in CA, the (not mentioned so much anymore) AIDS epidemic, lowered education standards, higher drop out rate... And the beat goes on!!!


Blogger Bug said...

OK, look. Shit is going down in the world. Less progressive, less wealthy, and less free countries hate us for our values, our money, and our unapologetic use of the resources to further frivolous desires. But the fact is, Ted Williams will spawn a zombie race which will unite with the thawed wooly mammoths to battle the aliens for control of the earth. It will be like Shawn of the Dead, but with mammoths and greys. And pretty soon, militant Islamists, rising superpowers, and nuclear weapons will seem like the good old days.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Catnip said...

Is that supposed to calm the fears? I suppose not, but, seriously, there are real issues here, aliens or not. Things that are going to matter sooner rather than later. Might as well get whatever info you can and evaluate it as well as you can as soon as possible.

12:10 AM  
Blogger Altered Egoist said...

Thank you, my love, for a comment that actually has something to do with reality!

11:32 AM  
Blogger Bug said...

Yeah, alternate reality! I wish the aliens couldn't hear you, but I have a suspicion you aren't wearing your hat.

7:46 PM  

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