Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hypocritical Oaf

Dear Mr. Sharpton,

Please find a cause that matters. Yes, I agree... Don Imus is an idiot. But is this news to you? This "shock jock" has been an offensive asshole for 40 some odd years. As he nears his twilight years he becomes nastier and less in control of his senses. To look at him reminds me of a loathesome, repungnant old man sitting on a porch spewing obscenities at all who pass by. Nigger, Jew, Pollock... Nothing would suprise me. So why are you suprised?

You call for his head as if he were a clansman who just returned from a lynching. In fact, all he did was ingorantly quote rappers. Do you have a double standard? I suppose it's allright for African Americans abuse, disrespect and demoralize their women in the name of art but when a white man say's something just as ignorant... Off with his head.

This language and attitude was started by African Americans and is now called a culture. To me? The Hip Hop "culture" is based on ignorance, anger and laziness. It's a "How I can get over on the man?" lifestyle. Guns and attitude will get you riches. But I suppose in your opinion the mind-set should be reserved only for African Americans. White ignorance is racism. I get it. We're not supposed to play in your little culture club. We've seen this kind of seperatist idealism before and it didn't work out so well. Do not blame the apers for what you have started.

Fix what needs fixing. Start with your own people Reverend Sharpton. Teach that success can come through education, hard work and that a gangstas wealth is short lived, undeserved and certainly not a certainty. Teach respect for women, family, society and self.

Don Imus? Fuck him! He's always been ignorant... He just ruffled your feathers because he used one of "your peoples" phrases. Hate the phrase, not the person who said it. He was fired anyway. If you want change stop worrying about the Don Imuses of the world and start worrying about the "Gangstas".

Thank you.

Now shut the fuck up and get a hair cut!


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