Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Sunset

November 2009 Issue

So I walk in to the Sunset and order a whiskey...

I was "Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce (I always thought that line was 'wrecked up like a douche') another runner in the night." Man seriously, I was ready to run out of the place it was so bright. But I donned my sunglasses and stuck it out for you, my valued readers.

Those of you who are first-time readers may not know this: I have a strong aversion to brightly lit interior spaces. I believe it destroys any chance of ambience or comfort. This joint was the worst yet. They were burning enough wattage to light up Invesco Field. I don't get it... I could understand if it was closing time and they were trying to clean up and prep for surgery, but this was prime bar time. Tone it down a little bit; I prefer suntans, not tungsten tans.

The whiskey selection was fairly adequate. They had stuff from swill to Macallan. I chose to go with swill and see what it tasted like. The swill was one step short of a headache but extraordinarily inexpensive and a rather good pour. I've heard that they have good food here as well but the Barfly does not eat... So maybe that 2 for $20 dude will talk about their food sometime.

As I grabbed my whiskey and started to apply sunscreen, I made my way over to the Sunset's pool table. A small bar table, but a pool table, nonetheless. My buddy, an arch-nemesis at pool and a contributor to a competitive "alternative" paper, proceeded to put some quarters into the slot, posturing and trying to lure me into his dare. While he was sinking consecutive balls, I was given the opportunity to check out my surroundings.

The Sunset is a rather huge space, filled with folding tables and chairs for your comfort and convenience. They also boast a nice outdoor patio to accommodate smoker types like myself. There are a few large screen TVs to pacify the sports fanatics.

Adorning the walls are numerous group photos that give this place a real sense of being a community bar. Apparently the Sunset has been around for quite some time. It started off as a small little bar in a renovated house. Over the years it's been expanded into a huge bar with a patio and tanning salon.

The crowd, including the bartender, all seemed nice and well behaved. I have been told by some of my friends, and I quote: "The Sunset? Man... Every time I've been down there it's a brawl waiting to happen." I myself saw none of this kind of hostility. It was a quiet Sunday night; perhaps on a crowded night, there's greater risk of a violent outbreak.

The Sunset is conveniently located next to a day care center that used to be a school. I wonder if the teachers and caregivers would and still go to "the Set" for "lunch?" Or perhaps parents will just drop the kids off at daycare and go next door to blow off a little steam.

Well, after winning the King of the Universe title at the pool table we decided to leave. The Sunset was a fine place that I would recommend. I would recommend also that you get a space suit from NASA to protect your skin from solar flares and do not look directly into the light!


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