Thursday, October 05, 2006

Reign Delay

Sure I've been disappointed with the way certain sporting events have been handled in the past but I have got to say that tonight's Yankees/Tigers "rain" delay really has to take the cake.

It's not as if the MLB is milking (as with every other sport) as much commercial time as possible with the playoffs but tonight's display was a disgrace! Who suffered? The fans... The people who paid good money for a non-refundable game and probably will not even get to see it tomorrow. The fans who were at home and subjected to the endless, mindless banter of those who were trying to fill an empty void where there should have been a game. Some of the lucky few were watching broadcast and at least got to see re-runs of old Star Trek shows. Regardless which station you were tuned to you soon learned the only ones who were winning anything tonight were the advertisers.

Personally, I think that if the game had begun at the time it was supposed to it could have been completed with only some mild moisture occuring. No rain, the REAL rain didn't start until 11:35 in the New York area. I was at the New York/Boston playoff game where it rained the entire game and that game reached it's end which was not a postponement, rather an unfortunate loss... Regardless, they played. Tonight they didn't. Rather they called a rain delay before there was any rain.

My next point... East Coast Play Off Games should BEGIN at 7:00 or 7:30 LATEST! What little west coast fans the Easterners have can better live with not seeing the begining of games more than can the east coast fans deal with not being able to see the END of games. Had this game started at 7 there would have never been an issue. However they decided to keep the fans at the stadium until 10pm, with hopeful promise of a game (that would've lasted until 2am) only to disappoint. Instead they will play tomorrow at 1pm when everyone is at work or in school. Some school kids will be able to possibly catch the end of the game but the nine to fivers are completely out of luck. It's time for some serious considerations to be made for who this game is REALLY for... The FANS!!!


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While your topic is a disappointment to someone such as myself, I nonetheless commend your pun. Fine work!

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