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June 2010

So I walk in to Restaurant 1521 and order a whiskey...

What? Why is Barfly going in to a restaurant for a whiskey?

Okay so here's what happened: Some friends and I wanted to go out for a drink on St. Patty's Day. None of us really wanted to hang out with throngs of people pretending to be Irish so they could have an excuse to get drunk and puke all over themselves. I've been in 1521 for dinner and knew they had a nice, quiet little bar, so I suggested going there.

The restaurant section had already closed when we walked in, but my friend was standing behind a nicely lit bar and welcomed us with a smile to sit down and have a drink.

I can't tell you how nice it was to sit at a dim, warm and inviting bar. And, what's this? I looked on the shelf behind the bar and discovered a really nice selection of whiskies! Oh, yay!

Seeing as it was St. Patty's day I thought I'd go with an Irish whiskey. It was recommended that I try Jameson Gold. I was game as it was something I had never tried before.

My bartender friend said, "Now you're not going write about me in Barfly, are you?"

I contemplated and replied, "Maybe... Maybe not"

She said, "Well at least I'll give you a good pour."

Mmmm... Not really. It was only about an once.

Okay kiddies, it's time for an extra special math lesson from your friendly neighborhood Barfly. One fluid ounce = 29.57353 ml, weighs approximately 0.0652 pounds, has a mass of 1.80468754 cubic inches and is equal to two tablespoons. The diameter on a good-sized rocks glass is 2.75 inches. Now, take two tablespoons of liquid and put it in a glass with a diameter of 2.75 inches, factor in Euclidian space, divide by Pi and I think you'll see what I'm getting at.

Still unclear? See the diagram.

I have no qualms paying for high-quality whisky - if the pour is decent. And an extra ounce can make all the difference in a "good pour." I will say this, too: when the regular bartenders at 1521 have been behind the bar, the pours have been better.

Okay, enough with mathematics. I was so happy that we were hanging out in a nice, quiet place, I couldn't be bothered with the particulars of alcohol measures. There were no green beers or Jager bombs at 1521, and that alone made me happy.

I let my buddies have a taste of my Jameson Gold, and was returned an empty glass. I looked up on the shelf and was amazed to see Bruichladdich, one of Scotland's finest Islay whiskies. It hard enough to find good whiskies around town, let alone one of the best. Good job, guys!

One of my friends was extremely pleased when his hunger was satiated with some exquisite mac and cheese from an already-closed kitchen. Now that's customer service!

If you're looking for a place with a great atmosphere and a great selection of whiskey, give 1521 a try. Tell 'em Barfly sent you!

A note to my readers: "Barfly" is not a bar review, but rather a story of my experiences in these bars. I am a man who enjoys good service, selection and value. I know that there are others out there like me because of the reaction to the April Fools edition of "Barfly," and also because bars have vastly improved their selection and service after my visit.

Even the owner of the Pirates Cove told me, "I bought bigger glasses because of you!"

You see? It works... So there!


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