Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ted Williams for President!!!

This is my new campaign as I truely believe that a cryogenically frozen dead man with his head detached from his body could do a much better job than the frikkin retarded puppet who now resides in this office.

Listen, my "little cupcakes", I don't want to start any wars or family feuds. More to the point, I'm trying to end illegal wars. I agree, the democrats are not MUCH better than the republicans. But I REALLY do believe that the rich, white, God preachers should not have control over our entire government.

It's starting to get Scarey. Bush has proven time and time again that he is an inept leader. He's comes from a wealthy Texan oil family and I truely think that his political motivation is to preserve that. He campaigns that the democrats will raise the taxes if put into office. That may be true, hopefully they'll do as promised and no longer give huge tax breaks wealthy oil companies and give the middle class tax relief. Some would argue that this will cause big business to move elsewhere for their production. In case anyone hasn't noticed, the outsourcing of jobs to foriegn contries has reached a critical level. I heard the other day that Harley Davidson will begin doing overseas production... HARLEY DAVIDSON! Holy crap! They are about as American as apple pie and baseball! So why is this happening when we've got the economy building republicans in office?

Apathy! We have gone from an industrial/technolical leader to a work less deserve more country. As "God" says, "Give and ye shall recieve"! Well basically, we are no longer giving, we are only taking. We no longer produce and yet we have a consumers sense of entitlement. Aside from iPods, which are also built in Asia, what other great technological advances have we made? We can cure a limp dick and baldness but we have no cure for cancer or AIDs. And why is that? There's no money in it. If they could make everyone well the big pharmacutical companies, who also get tax relief, would go out of business.

Again... I'm not saying that one party is extremely better than another, I just believe that we have to split the power between the two. Corruption runs deep in or Government regardless of party. Where ever there is money and power there will be corruption. The wealthy don't have a tendancy to share. I think it's time get back to what this country was built on. We have the freedom to do what we like and build better lives for ourselves, so why have we become so apathetic and allow others to choose for us? Questioning your government is one of our basic rights, invasion of privacy is not one of theirs.

This election is a wake up all for ALL AMERICANS to begin the process of putting the power back in the hands the people. Nothing will happen overnight but we NEED to start proving to the world that we are a great contry and deserving of their respect.

Thank you for reading!


Blogger Bug said...

Hey! That was a very deceptive post title! You made me read it with trickery! Have you considered running for office?

3:31 PM  
Blogger Altered Egoist said...

I would but... I actualy inhaled!

3:52 PM  

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