Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ah bunt mah liff!!!

Stufid me... I stuck mah liff to a shpoon that was coffad wid hot meldted sugah. Ouch! Fhat suched! Can't talk fairy gud or smile eefer! Finager isz a fairy scawee liquiff!


Anonymous Catnip said...

Owweeeeeeee!!!! And not in a good way. On the up side, at least you're not at the Yankee game.

8:21 PM  

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Monday, May 15, 2006

Fed Down!!!

I will no longer allow my goals and dreams to be derailed by cranky computers, Houdini software or the sweet sounds of garbage removal. It will take more than the unceasing wail cop cars, fire engines and ambulances to distract me from the clarity of my vision. My band will NOT be called "Johnny Dumbass and the Missed Opportunies". There's is way to much goodness in my life to find myself wallowing in self pity, wearing ear plugs while bouncing cats demand chicken! Well chicken they will HAVE!!! I shall have cake made from lo-fat frozen yogurt and the horrendous whine of the street cleaning machine will become a sample in my next song that I shall in turn blast out back to the neighborhood from my railroad tower of power while singing AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS "We Are The Champions... My Friends!"

Anybody wanna join me for Krazy Kareoke time?


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