Saturday, June 14, 2008

Best Model Quote Ever!

This was on a girls page who IS a real pro-

Hi. I'm Reby. I hate ModelMayhem.
My dream is to become an amateur model. Being a pro is no fun.


Blogger Bug said...

Newp-ost pleeze.

2:18 PM  

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I can't believe that no one commented on my OMFG post!


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Barfly - Episode 2

Here is a sample of my article for Pueblo Pulp -

So I walk into Phils Radiator and order a scotch whiskey…

The bartender slams down a pint glass filled with ice a proceedes to fill it with Highland Mist. Mind you, Highland Mist is not the caliber of scotch I prefer but it is certainly not the worst thing that could happen and a pint glass full of “the mist”can take the edge off of anyones arduous day. After about twenty seconds of pouring I’m advised that the cost for this drink is two dollars. I think I could get used to this.

I went to Phils with the idea that I would check out some of the local kick ass, hard rock, heavy metal, screamo music that Pueblo had to offer. The place was ripe for it. An old automotive service garage turned bar filled with about seventy kids ready to get crazy! I do mean kids, it was a Sunday night which all ages at Phils. At first I felt old and then I said “No wait a minute, they’re REALLY young!” Yep, hanging out with a bunch of teenagers and I’m drinking whisky.

The first band was atrocious! I think it was their first rehearsal. I figured it was a good time to refill “the mist” as well a most oppurtune moment to check out Phils patio and enjoy a cigarette.

Ah, cool and clear fresh air. One of the things I love most about Pueblo are the cool nights. It could be desert hot during the day but once that Sun goes down it’s all good.

Well, it’s all good except that I can still hear that band and now they sound even worse. Their sound is reduced to this low, distorted rumble with the rythym of a tool kit falling down a flight of stairs. Ten minutes later there’s a sudden silence, the door to the patio opens and the kids start streaming out. I guess the band only “knew” three songs. That’s what you get for doing a gig as your first rehearsal.

The kids were pretty tame for just coming out of a mosh pit. I noticed none of them where drinking or smoking and I heard mysyelf saying “Shit… When I was your age!”

Thankfully the next two bands actually were pretty kick ass. Some real good talent. The over sound mix still left something to be desired as for some unknown reason the PA speakers at Phils are aimed at your waist making the vocals muddy and inaudible. But hey… It’s rock and roll right?

The rest of the night I enjoyed some good music and some cheap whisky. I felt like I was back home in New York City in some cool basement bar. Every now and then giving a good shove to an errant whirling dervish that had spun their way out of the mosh and helping to redirect them into the eye of the strom while protecting the integrity of my drink!

Your Barfly


Blogger Bug said...

Sure to be a classic. Well done.

For what it's worth, I happen to find Phil's rather uninspired. There seems to be a fair amount of coke partaken of in the nasty stinky bathrooms, too.

1:13 PM  

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